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The AI Blog Content Writer – Is AI Taking Over?

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Laptop on a desk, on top of a woven blanket. AI blog writing - AI blog writer tools - are they taking over?

AI blog writer tools won’t ever take over the writing of blog posts by actual humans. At least, I really hope they don’t. 

What is an AI blog writer?

AI blog writer programmes (or any AI content generators) are websites where you can pop in some general information about something you want to write about – a blog post, a caption, an email, anything! – and the programme will write your words for you.

Now, you may be thinking ‘amazing! This is going to save so much time!’ and you’d be right. It’s a fast way to produce content. Especially blog posts, as usually, they take longer to write and craft than say, an Instagram caption or a Pin description.

But here’s the rub: while AI blog writer tools can be really useful, I hope they never replace actual humans. 

Why AI blog writer tools will never take over actual human writers

One of the most JOYOUS things about blog post writing is that someone out there in the world is actually connecting with you on the page. They’re writing in a way that shares a little bit of who they are, even if that post is about some obscure law prohibiting people who own iguanas to spend more than $10 at the local store on banana milkshakes (idk work with me here).

Even the most formal or corporate blog posts should have a little flare of humanity and personality.

Because people connect with people. 

We don’t connect with robots. 

However! I do think that AI blog writing programmes/ai content generators can be a good thing for your blog, if used in a particular way.

3 ways to use an AI blog writer for your content

Don’t. Kidding. But be careful HOW you use them.

We talked a little about AI writing programmes and why you want to avoid using them for your whole blog post (we connect with people, remember). But I did want to talk about 3 ways you COULD use an AI programme for your own blogging content. 

  1. For ideas
  2. For structure
  3. For a new perspective

Blog Writing AI for Ideas

Honestly, blog post idea generation is a skill in itself. Trying to figure out what to blog about, no matter when your niche is, can be super tricky. Heck, I wrote a whole course to help you figure out what to write on your blog and how to craft blog posts around those ideas.

AI blog post writers can be a great place to help you out with your blog post ideas.

When you pop in your main idea and you get an AI programme to spit out a post for you, it’s likely going to give you some main points. And those main points might not be something you’d thought about before. 

You can then take those main points and turn them into blog posts on your website. Some of the AI writing platforms will have idea generators within them too, so it’s a great place to check out and see what you can create together.

Blog Writing AI for structure

One of the things I actually really like about AI writers (for I have used them like this before) is that they often will lay out the structure of a blog post for you. 

While you don’t have to use the words they use, it can really help with the flow of your post and you can use their suggested hierarchy as a base to bounce off.

Be careful you’re not just copying and pasting all their words and their content. Remember, you want to make sure that your blog posts are you. There’s no point writing like a robot, even a very well-trained one. The voice and the tone that they produce aren’t your voice, and they’re not your tone. But the structure that they spit out can be really helpful, especially if blog post structure isn’t really your jam,

Blog Writing AI for a new perspective

Sometimes an AI writer will go in a completely different direction than you may have been thinking. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it can really help you get a different perspective on the topic you’re wanting to write about.

Let’s say you’re writing a post about visiting Ulaanbaator, Mongolia for the very first time. You might put in your keywords for that post, and an AI blog writer might give you a bunch of different subsections that you could talk about.

Perhaps you’ve already thought about points 1 through 3 (maybe how to get around the city, places to visit, and food to try), but the AI tool also gives you a heading about navigating the language. If you hadn’t thought about that before, then that’s an extra section you can write on, or expand into a whole new post.

Will the AI blog writer ever take over blog post writing?

At the end of the day … AI is becoming a really big thing. And it has its pros and its cons. Will it ever take over blog post writing? I really really hope not. 

Will I be using it to write full blog posts? Definitely not. I love writing and I want me to be in that writing. But it can be good for the things we’ve talked about above, and it does have its advantages.

Whether you use them for your blog post or not, always remember that you’re writing for people who connect with people. You’re not a robot. They’re not a robot. 

What do you think? Do you use AI blog writer programmes? Or perhaps you’re a bit like me and you might use them in part to help you in your creations, but nothing more?