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Book Review :: From Fake To Forever by Laila Rafi

1.5 Stars
Book Review :: From Fake To Forever by Laila RafiFrom Fake to Forever by Laila Rafi
ISBN: 1398710601
Published by Orion Dash
on 13 June 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 310
Source: NetGalley

Jiya Ahmed has a dream: she wants to complete her MBA and get a job in the city. The problem is that her parents think it's high time she put her books away and focused on becoming good wife material - but surely there's more to life than finding the right boy?

Ibrahim Saeed has a goal: he wants to avoid marriage but more specifically, he wants to avoid the arranged marriage his father has planned for him. Why would he want to end up like his (clearly unhappy) older brother with a partner of his father's choosing?

Ibrahim's cheeky brother introduces them with the perfect setup: a fake relationship to stall their parents. As they embark on their plan, the attraction they set out to fake starts feeling all too real ... but love was never part of the deal.

From Fake to Forever is a hilarious rom-com about two people who pretend to date to escape their families' expectations before sparks begin to fly...

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What is From Fake To Forever about?

From Fake To Forever is about Ibrahim and Jiya who strike up a deal: they’ll pretend to be dating so that their parents get off their backs about finding someone (or being set up with people who are wholly unsuitable).

When Ibrahim has had enough of his father’s decision-making for his life, so when his little brother Hareem ‘Harry’ puts him on the path of Jiya, who just wants her parents to get off her back and let her finish her MBA, he begins to release they could help each other out. The two begin to get to know each other, heading out on ‘dates’ so they know enough about the other person to get away with questions asked by their families.

But it’s not long into their ‘relationship’ that the begin to realise it might not have been a good idea.

My thoughts on From Fake To Forever

I’m all for a fake dating story. I read The Italian Job this year, and thought that was a really fun story (3 stars), and I’ve read other books where the fake boyfriend-girlfriend scenario has been played out. With that in mind, I did think I was going to enjoy this one.

And before I go, just note that I do think it had potential.

However. I didn’t like any of the characters (bar Harry – if the book was about Harry, this review would be a different story), I thought there were too many characters (Ibrahim has like 200 brothers – okay he’s one of 5 brothers), the pace felt off, and the way the characters talked to each other seemed odd to me. Sometimes it was totally fine and then someone would say something and I cringed. Some things just didn’t sit right with me.

It did have some sweet moments, I’ll give it that, and there were definitely moments with Harry that I really enjoyed. As I said, perhaps a whole book on Harry? I’d read that.

The final thing I just wanted to comment on with From Fake To Forever was the lack of differentiation between the voices of the two characters. The chapters alternate, but I would sometimes forget who was saying what. In my copy, it wasn’t edited very well and the layout was all over the place so that probably didn’t help either.

From Fake To Forever did have potential and I liked the idea behind it. I just couldn’t get behind it.

Will you be reading From Fake To Forever?

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