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©ThisSplendidShambles.com 2023. Content used on this blog is owned by ThisSplendidShambles.com unless otherwise stated, for use on this site only. Unauthorised use or copying of content is prohibited. Excerpts of content may be used, provided that the user clearly gives credit to This Splendid Shambles, with correct links directed to the original post or content.


This Splendid Shambles is a blog written and edited by Anjali Kay. A guest contributor may write a post on occasion, and it will be clearly stated. Content and image sources are their responsibility. Any writing done by guest posters is their property and their own opinions which I may or may not share.

Collaborations and Contributors

2019 – 2022: Collaboration with FatJoe. FatJoe is a Content Marketing Agency that contributes posts to bloggers (you can read more about what they do here). Bloggers receive payment for posts published on our blogs. We have the flexibility to edit any posts that come our way and to veto any we don’t think fit with our blog and its audience. I will never publish anything I don’t agree with, all links are checked before accepting the post, and I will edit and change wording and structure where necessary. All collaboration and contributor posts are, and will always be, disclosed in the title of the post, along with a disclaimer at the end of each post. I ended my collaboration with FatJoe in 2022.

Courses and Guides

Refund Policy for Courses and Guides

As of 2020, This Splendid Shambles began providing guides and courses. These are available for purchase and secure payment is taken via PayPal in United States Dollars. If you have worked your way through the course, and have implemented suggestions I have placed on the table but are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can contact me directly via email (anjali @thissplendidshambles.com) within 7 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund.

Copyright and Terms of Use

All courses, guides and resources provided to you by This Splendid Shambles are for your use only. By purchasing or downloading courses, guides and/or resources, you are agreeing not to sell or distribute them to others. Courses, Guides and Resources have been created by me for your use only, and are owned by me and This Splendid Shambles.

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