DIY :: Felt Rain Cloud Mobile

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It’s super easy to make this cute felt rain cloud mobile!

Turns out this was a super easy DIY project! I had a huge pile of felt that was mostly smaller pieces, as opposed to large sheets, so I was thinking of how best to use up the scraps. This seemed like the perfect idea! While I’ve created this out of felt, you can easily do it with fabric scraps too, you just might need to use a knit fabric that doesn’t fray.

What you’ll need to make a felt rain cloud mobile:

  • Felt in greys or whites or blues for the clouds
  • Felt in blues for the rain
  • Embroidery thread in blues or greys or whites
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Something to hang your mobile on (I used bamboo sticks)

How to make a felt raid cloud mobile

First thing’s first: cut out all your shapes. Drawing a cloud shape on a piece of paper or card is the easiest way to get your clouds the same shape, or at least looking like a cloud. When you cut out your clouds, fold the felt over and place the bottom of your cloud template on the folded edge. To pop the raindrop in later, it’s best to have a folded edge. When you cut out your clouds, they will be a funny shape when you open them out.

Cut out your rain drops too, double sided like the clouds. You probably don’t need a template for these, but go ahead and make one if need be. Make as many as you’d like. I made 8, and ended up having 3 on 2 clouds and 2 on the other.

Once everything is cut out, grab your embroidery thread and needle. Starting with the rain drops, knot the thread and hid it between the two layers. Sew around the edges of the rain drop, eventually ending up at the top point. Leave the thread uncut and long. You’re going to use this to hang them from the clouds. See below.

When you’d finished sewing the rain drops, you’re going to attach them to the clouds. Pop the needle back onto the long tails that you left on the rain drops and pull the thread through the folded, flat bottom of a cloud. Pull it up until you have the length of rain drop you want, and then knot it. The knot is going to be inside the cloud, and you won’t be able to see it. Here’s a picture to hopefully help you out:

To this same thing to as many rain drops as you’d like on the clouds, trying to keep the raindrops in a straight line on the fold of the cloud bottom. Now you should have your not-sewn-yet cloud with dangling raindrops at varying lengths (or all the same, up to you). Now we’re going to sew up the clouds.

Keeping them folded, with the knots of the rain drops on the inside, start at one side of the cloud. I didn’t sew up the bottom fold or the cloud, because it didn’t need it, but you can if you like the look of that better. Sew around the edges of the cloud until you get to about an inch or so from the end, where you would be closing up the hole. Take your stuffing and stuff that cloud. You can make it barely stuffed, or really stuffed. It’s up to you. When you’ve stuffed it to your liking, finish sewing up the cloud, finishing at the opposite end to which you started. Remember to knot it off, but hide the knot on the side.

Almost done! You now need to add some more thread (or you can use string) to the tops of the clouds so you can hang them. Put a knot in the end of the tread and thread the needle through the top of the cloud, sideways, and under one of the stitches you sewed to close your cloud. pull it gently until the knot is tucked into the inside of the top of the cloud. Leave a long string of thread so you can hang it.

If you’re using something like bamboo, or other sticks, criss-cross them and tie them securely together with string, leaving a long piece out so you can hang it on your ceiling. Tie your cloud strings to the sticks in a way you’d like, varying lengths…and you have yourself a Rain Cloud mobile.

What do you think? Fun right!? And easy to do.
Let me know if you make one!