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Blogging Tips :: How to Write Your First Blog Post in 3 Easy Steps

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Flatay of a laptop in the top right hand corner, pink flowers below that with a present wrapped in brown paper packaging, sitting on a pink table/background. '3 steps for writing your first blog post' is written in black and left-justified. Starting a blog is one of the hands-down honest-to-goodness best things I ever did. And if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or perhaps you’ve started one recently, then you’re in for a wild but incredible ride. A stumbling block right here at the beginning of your adventure is often the question of how to write your first blog post.

There are various things you could do for your first blog post, but here are a few reminders to keep in the back of your mind before we dive into the 3 steps it takes to write your first blog post.

  • An introduction post is great to introduce your blog to the world, but it’s unlikely going to get as much traffic as your more informational, educational, or inspirational posts will. That’s not to say don’t write it – it’s just to say be aware of the difference.
  • Your first blog post might not be that great. And that’s totally fine! Unless you’re a seasoned writer already, or you’re familiar with SEO and blog post structure, then you’re starting from scratch and you’re learning as you go. Don’t let that stop you.
  • Every post you write, whether it be this first one or your 100th one, can be edited. In fact, it’s a great practice to go back to older posts and update them. And the same can be said for your first post. Write something good and come back later when you have more experience under your belt and adjust it to something even better.

And with those couple of pointers to keep in mind before we start, here are 3 things you need to know when it comes to writing your first blog post.

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How to write your first blog post

Step 1: Create a Blog Post Topic

Thinking up blog post topics can be the hardest step. How do we know what our audience is going to what to read? How do we know what they’re looking for? What is going to do well in the future?

Hopefully, you’ve already done the groundwork for your blog, and you’ve set up solid foundations in order to start actually writing your blog posts. From there, we can build our blogs … starting with this, the first post.

Using your content pillars, figure out what you’re going to write about.

This might be an introduction post for your readers, or it might be you launching into your blog’s topics and themes. If it’s the former, make sure you’re thinking about the types of things that people are searching for on Google that might lead them to your blog post. Do some broader keyword research to make sure you’re using those words, even if you’re introducing the world to your blog for the first time.

If it’s the latter, and you’re launching straight into your blog’s topics, the same applies. Do keyword research and make sure that what you’re thinking about writing is going to be a good idea.

💡 Tip: Check out Blogging With Confidence to learn how to build solid foundations, how to figure out the best blog topic ideas, and how to actually go about writing them.

Step 2: Creating an Outline

Once you’ve got your topic (and you know it’s going to be a good one!), you’ll need to create an outline as to what you’re going to be talking about within that blog post.

This might look as simple as:

  • Heading 2 – What you’re going to be talking about
  • Heading 3 – First point
  • Heading 3 – First point
  • Heading 3 – First point
  • Heading 3 – Conclusion

Or it might be a little more in-depth, and you might jot down ideas a level down. Such as:

  • Heading 2 – What you’re going to be talking about
  • Heading 3 – First point
    • Heading 4 – Sub point
    • Paragraph points
    • Heading 4 – Sub point
    • Paragraph points
  • Heading 3 – First point
  • Heading 3 – First point
  • Heading 3 – Conclusion etc

If you’re one to plan ahead and plan things in detail, then an outline like the second option might be better for you. If you’re more like me and just like to write and figure out the structure as you go, then a brief overview of a blog post is going to be the one for you.

Figure out what works best for you when it comes to creating a blog post outline, and go with that.

Step 3. Writing Content for Your First Post

Writing your blog post is the fun part! At least, it is in my opinion. I love using words to create helpful articles (hopefully, like this one!), but sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to know the best way to go about it.

Before you start on your blogging journey, and here in this first blog post, you’ll want to be super clear about the style and tone of your writing. There’s no point trying to sound like some high-flying businessperson if that’s just not you.

If you love to use emojis in your text, why not add them in? 🙋🏻‍♀️ If you speak in cliches and metaphors, include them!

Your voice, your tone, your words, and your personality are going to be what connects with people. They don’t want to read ‘yet another post’ about XYZ. They want a different spin. They want YOUR spin. Don’t be afraid to write your blog content for your first post (and those that come after!) in a way that’s going to sound like you.

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Bonus: Make it Stand Out

And a bonus tip for writing your first blog post: make it stand out.

Your voice, like we just talked about, is going to help a BUCKET LOAD with this. But so will a few other things:

  • Images: Use images in your post to ensure you’re visually engaging with your audience too
  • Graphics: Spice 🔥 up your content with graphics or infographics
  • Controversial: Be controversial or share an opinion that might not be shared by many
  • Brand: Incorporate your brand into your posts, whether that be in the images and graphics, your voice, using your brand colours, or by simply linking to any services or products you might have

How will you write your first blog post?

Starting a blog and learning how to write your first blog post (and all those that follow!) is both fun and exciting. But it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, with these tips up your sleeve and a simple step-by-step walkthrough to follow, you’ll be writing blog posts left, right and centre until the cows come home. 🐄

What was your first blog post about? Or, if you haven’t written it yet, what will it be about?